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Living under the hex is when we try to do life with God as if Jesus lived and taught, but never died for us.

The cross has become a symbol of religion. (HOW IRONIC!) Actually, it is the symbol of Jesus’ crucifixion that ENDED religion and its merit-based approach to God.

The cross means you are DONE with religion. (now breathe!)

Life in Christ is about getting to know a living person, Jesus Christ.  It is not about figuring out all the right theology.

Christianity is not the sacrifice we make, but the sacrifice we trust. –P.T. Forsyth–

No one has ever lived the Christian life…except Jesus. We have all sinned and we all still fail to live up to the glory of God. That means there are no ideal Christians running around out there.

Jesus did not come for you to serve Him; He came to serve you. You are the one who needs it. He doesn’t need anything.

When I tell you that Jesus hung out with sinners and you respond with I need to do more of that,” then you do not know who you are in that story. —unknown

If Christianity were about your spiritual progress then the symbol would have been a LADDER instead of a CROSS.

Religion is all about sin management. It focuses on reminding you of your sin. It is always discovering a new sin to bring shame.

I am not forgiven because I apologize and remember each sin. I am forgiven because Jesus died and shed His blood for each sin. —Dr. Andrew Farley

If the record of debt has been cancelled by God, that means you…do…not…OWE…God…anything! (STUNNING!)