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wayne jacobsen

“The Fields Brothers have crafted a unique tool to remind you not to fall for the lies of religious performance but to continue to rest in God’s provision of grace and relationship. You’ll enjoy the simplicity, the humor, and the wisdom in these pages.”

Wayne Jacobsen, author of He Loves Me, Finding Church. And co-author of The Shack

doug flynn“My growth as a Christian began when I received an intimate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  This book affirms that. Acting and being religious left me empty, obligated and unfulfilled.  Thanks, Jeff and Roger, for helping me get back on track.

Doug Flynn, Two-time World Series Champion (1975,1976 Cincinnati Reds) and 1980 NL Gold Glove Award winner

troy devolld“Gee whiz, I really liked this book. It covers a lot of ground in a friendly, accessible way and unpacked a lot of baggage for me as a Christian with a serious “dead works” problem. Funny in places, like being given the straight dope by your smarter, cooler brother in others, it’s a genuinely solid read. Typography and layout keep it light and fun while still delivering the intended message.”

Troy Devolld, TV Producer

brewster mcleodYou want a great book to read.
Here it is
…”Breaking The Hex”

Brewster McLeod, Creator of Jesus Prom, Minister at Southland Christian Church

Just received it today and can not put it down!! Well I did have to go mow but came right back and picked it up again and again! See that is the thing, you don’t have to read it straight through, but there is no rule to saying you can’t, that is what I’m talking about! Religion, rules, list, rituals etc. etc. etc. This book I believe can help you find true freedom! Take a chance and take a look, I promise you will not be disappointed!! And then Pass it on!

Lorena Kay, Business Owner

Fabulous book! Almost every Christian believes that we are saved by grace but everything else is hard work…and this book exposes the danger of that theology. The book will be offensive to some who have spent their life and energy in the religious world. But the beauty is that every word is backed up by the Bible. As someone has accurately said, if you want to mess up your theology, read the Bible. The Fields brothers have a message to hear. “Let he who has ears hear”.”

Hon. Tim Philpot, Family Court Judge

Love this book! It is easy to read (great for people who do not like to read). It is fun to read. (You will find yourself laughing many times as you turn the pages!) But moreover, you will come to understand the deep and profound truth of what was accomplished when Jesus died on the Cross. Many believers actually are under a hex as I was for many years of my life, not understanding the “before” and “after” the Cross. I thought it was up to me to improve my life, to strive to be like Jesus! And I was so wrong! Guilt feelings of not “measuring up” and not “doing enough” disappear as you come to understand the true reality of God’s love for you. “Breaking the Hex” is based on Gal. 3:1 and is truly a life-changing read.

Clara Fields, Bookkeeper
(Thanks, mom!)

Wonderful encouragement from God’s word on every page. Roger and Jeff are gifted teachers, and each page could stand alone as a teaching tool in small groups, youth groups, witnessing and discipline one on one, or teaching from the pulpit. Each page is dynamic, and replete with the scripture references they are talking about. It couldn’t be more clear, or encouraging. This is an important book for the body of Christ today.

Kayrene Lewis, Office Manager

I have just finished the book you boys wrote. What a hoot! I t made me feel good, relaxed and filled with joy and freedom. No doubt you guys are anointed. Thank you for the lift. Considering my size that’s a major thing!

Chuck Lees, Retired Minister